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This is a simple procedure, commonly referred to as the “Hollywood Smile” due to its popularity there, which involves the application of a gel activated by a special light to produce a whitening effect.

Beaming White ® is one of the most successful teeth whitening companies in the USA. At BeautyMed Spa we use their Advanced Teeth Whitening System which is the result of extensive research and has been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of people.

The treatment takes around an hour and is carried out in three stages. Each stage involves applying a special gel on the teeth which are then exposed to a special light source for around 15 minutes.

Our light source, the US made Futura 2400, is one of the best in the world combining state of the art technology with a 24W lamp, making it the most powerful in the cosmetic teeth whitening industry. It also features a cooling fan to make the treatment more pleasant and a gum curing light which cures and helps protect the gums.

The whitening effect lasts for about one year depending on the patient’s habits and the porosity of their teeth.

For after care we suggest the use of a Beaming White ® maintenance pen at home which will help achieve better and longer lasting results.

Please note that BeautyMed Spa is not part of Beaming White ® but is an independent entity which uses the products and the system supplied by Beaming White ®.

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