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This treatment is highly recommended for those with oily, aged or sun damaged skin. It is also suitable for skin with imperfections such as shallow acne scars, skin blemishes, open pores, comedones and stretch marks.

Depending on the intensity of the exfoliation, the slight redness following the treatment will fade within one to twenty four hours leaving the skin feeling smooth, bright and firm. Microdermabrasion also stimulates micro circulation bringing nutrients to the skin and promoting new cell growth. It improves the appearance of skin imperfections and increases the penetration of serums and creams by four to five

The results are immediate and visible. However, a minimum of six treatments, one month apart, are recommended. For even better results, microdermabrasion should be combined with one of our facial treatments and used monthly as part of regular beauty maintenance. For more information please check our Beauty Spa treatments.


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