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Many men have enlarged breasts which might cause them embarrassment, distress and have a negative effect on their confidence. Even though obesity is one of the most common causes it is not the only one. Hormone imbalance is another common cause where higher than the usual levels of the female hormone oestrogen cause abnormal glandular breast tissue growth.

Male breast reduction surgery is a popular procedure that removes excess fat and tissue from male breasts and flattens skin to improve shape and contours. This results in a more aesthetically pleasing and masculine appearance.

The technique used depends on the underlying cause. If the condition is caused mainly by excess fatty tissue then liposuction alone will most likely solve the problem. During liposuction, fat cells are broken down and then sucked out via a hollow tube called cannula. The procedure involves making small incisions at the areola to allow the cannula to enter and after the process is finished the incisions are stitched.  On the other hand, if the main cause is excess glandular tissue small incisions are made at the edge of the areola, or at the armpit, and glandular tissue is cut away. During this procedure excess skin might also need to be removed. Often this technique is used in conjunction with liposuction to achieve optimum results.

Male breast reduction surgery can be performed under either local anaesthesia with sedation or under general anaesthesia and it can take anything from one to two hours depending on the case. With local anesthesia an overnight stay in hospital is not required, therefore, the patient is free to return home a few hours after the operation. As with all operations under general anaesthesia, however, an overnight stay in the hospital is required.

Stitches will be of the dissolving type, therefore, they do not need to be removed and a pressure garment should be worn for around one to four weeks.


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